Collage 1
Cowboy Collage
These are just a sample of possible collages All are dif. and many to choose from.

There are many variations of this collage.


Print Gallery 4


Click on picture to see a larger image.

Something NEW: Pick 3 horizontal and 3 vertical prints from the Print Galleries and make a custom collage!!!!


A collage is a combination of pictures that compliment each other. Our collages have 7 openings. Then the mat is hand painted to give a 3-D effect from all of the pictures. They usually have a theme such as flora of Arizona or mountains, our Kitty Kollage or eagle collage. Any of the prints in the print galleries can be used if custom ordered.


$105 unframed - add $30 for a solid oak frame as shown

Add $45 for the western rope frame as shown

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